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India has entered the regime of value-added taxation. Having followed India into the sales-tax regime with the first journal dedicated to the law of sales tax, Sales Tax Cases, we are full of pride to accompany her into world of VAT. This web site promises to be an all-in-one site, not only of the law of VAT but also service tax, for, it is only a matter of time before, like other countries that have embraced VAT, India also brings all its indirect taxes under the umbrella of VAT.

We urge you to visit our site regularly to be in touch with the hottest of news, the latest in statutes, the most-recent of case law and last but not the least up-to-date ready-to-fill-and-print VAT forms with inbuilt validations and calculations. All look-up routines feature easy filtering and sorting to quickly get to you to that proverbial "needle" in the haystack. We have plenty of novelties in store for you. Watch out for more from GSTLaws.com. As always, we value the pulse of our visitors. Send us your feedbacks and comments and help us serve you better.